Game Server Information Change

You are now able to modify your procon layer game server connection information without the need to open a ticket to do so.

Steps to perform the task:

1) Stop your procon layer

2) Click on the startup tab and modify the appropriate fields. Please note that if you change either the GameServer IP or RCON port you will have to modify a folder/file name in the next step.

3) If you've changed the GameServer IP or RCON port then you must do a rename before you continue. DO NOT copy the folder to perform this task. 

    1) Click on File Manager and go into the "Configs" folder.

    2) There is a folder that has your previous GameServer IP/RCON port information. Click on the 3 dots and choose the operation "Rename", replace the old information with the new one and then click on the "rename" button.

    3) Now enter the newly renamed folder and do the same process in the previous step to rename the file. Keep the .cfg at the end of this file name.

4) Now go back to the Console tab and start your procon layer back up and as long as the correct information has been entered for procon to connect to your game server on the correct RCON port it should startup.

Follow these steps in order otherwise your layer will not work correctly.

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